Wai Ming is going to debut at Coterie in a month. Coterie is one of the largest trade shows for women’s contemporary clothing.

First of all, who knew that it was so hard to get into a trade show? I thought I could fill out a form, send in the check and, voila, I would be in. Little did I know that I would have to submit samples to be judged and then the line would have to endure another round of judging a month later. Thankfully, Wai Ming passed all the judging and was selected to show. All that worrying was worth it – it looks like I’m in pretty good company.

Now, if I had thought this through a little better, I would have named the line 00001 so I could have had the first spot on the list of exhibitors. Looks like I have a name for my diffusion line!




  • Emily Koplar