• Throwback Thursday: A Queen Within
Throwback Thursday: A Queen Within
This past October I had the pleasure of attending the gala for A Queen Within. It was an amazing night and it is a truly beautiful exhibit that shows the influence of chess on the world of fashion. If you haven't seen it yet, don't worry; you still have until April 18th before it leaves the World Chess Hall of Fame in St. Louis.
I always enjoy running into Timo Weiland whether it's in New York or St. Louis.
Q&A the following day with Sofia Hedman (Fashion Curator/Exhibition Designer), Cameron Silver (Fashion Historian/Founder of Decades), Deborah Roberts (ABC News), Valerie Steele (Director and Curator of FIT), Anne Deniau (photographer/friend of Alexander McQueen, author of Love Looks not with the Eyes), Susan Barrett (Director of World Chess Hall of Fame)
Catching up with Valerie Steele.
Who doesn't love a great new book? or two...
Anne Denaiu and some great new reading material

 With Deborah Roberts and my partner in crime, Reshma

  • Emily Koplar